Things that you need to know about before using a plugin

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) for people who don’t know how to code. A plugin is an integral part of WordPress, which is used by Web design Company in Faridabad to enhance and add more features to your WordPress site.
What is a Plugin?
A plugin is a software to add various features and functions to your WordPress website. They are written in PHP language and blend seamlessly with a WordPress site. Plugins are very popular in WordPress because for those with no knowledge in programming can easily add necessary function in their sites, without a single line of code. For every function, there is a plugin like e-mail subscription, security, backup, image optimisation, online contact form, SEO, and many more.
There are thousands of plugin offered by from which you can choose the best for your site. Majority of plugins are free but some them are paid too. Here are the things that you need to know about before using a plugin-
1.    Less is more
A plugin is like an evil necessity for any WordPress site. If you install too many plugins, it will create more problems rather than solving them. One such problem is that it can conflict with the theme. Not all plugins are compatible with the theme of your WordPress site. Especially when you are using a free theme, you need to check the compatibility of the plugin with the theme before installing it in your server.
Another major problem of too many plugins is that it increases the load time of the web page. If your website is taking too much time to open then you will lose potential customers. Also, it will affect the search engine rankings of your website.
2.    If you are no longer using a plugin, delete it
As discussed above, more plugins lead to more problems. Only disabling/deactivating the plugin will leave it on the WordPress server. So delete the unnecessary plugins that you aren’t using. Also, try to use as fewer plugins as possible.
3.    Updates your plugin regularly
Many people using WordPress website don’t update their plugins because of the risk of breaking the site. If you don’t update your plugin then you risk security breaches. Update your plugin to add new functions, avoid security breaches and fix bugs.
4.    Use plugins from a trusted source only
Always install a plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository or from a trusted premium plugin developer. A plugin can break the code of a website and can also have security potholes. So always install a plugin from a trusted source only.
Why using codes is better than installing a plugin?
Using codes to mirror a plugin function can increase the efficiency of a website. Plugins implement codes for you on the website to achieve a function. If the function is simple, then use code instead of installing a plugin. It will help you to save your plugin “bandwidth” for more critical functions.
To achieve a unique site, Web Design Company in Faridabad provides you with all solutions. A web design company makes sure to use fewer plugins and more code to achieve even complicated functions. They also make sure your website is fast and SEO friendly. 


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